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I'm an e-textile researcher, focused on full-garment modeling and extended reality. My dissertation title is "Digital Strategies for e-Textile Design and Manufacturing", and I expect to graduate in Spring, 2023.

My research projects and collaborations include:

  • Exploring the impact of knit fabric type on the electromechanical performance of e-textile interconnects (more)

  • Development of a virtual reality platform for communicating textile tangibility (more)

  • Evaluating different full-garment modeling systems (e.g., CLO, Browzwear, Optitex) for their ability to accurately model e-textiles

  • Mechanical modeling of a knit fabric strain sensor

  • Simulations of material handling for textile automation

  • Instructional design and media development for a new e-textile design course (TE 518 – Design Analysis of Smart Textile Products) 

  • Past: Electromechanical resistance model for a conductive, strain sensing yarn

  • Past: Hydroentanglement method development for wetlaid nonwoven wipes   

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